Junk Removal in Alexandria, VA

Do you need the assistance of fully trained junk haulers in Alexandria? If so, you should let us know at Junk Force. Our crew is all-professional and ready to haul away your junk!


Many of the people in Alexandria, VA came here in service of the federal government. Whether that entails an office job or military service, it’s important work. In truth, everyone in Alexandria has important business to handle. That’s why you probably don’t have the time for DIY junk removal in Alexandria. Need to offload some junk at home, at a government office, or at another business? The business you can trust is none other than Junk Force!

Why Our Alexandria Junk Removal?

There are so many junk removal franchises out there, but what sets Junk Force apart is that we’re not a franchise at all. That’s right—we’re a locally owned and operated business that was founded in our community to serve our community. We want nothing more than to satisfy our clients so they can comfortably say they had a five-star experience with us. This is why we’re ready to haul any kind of junk you have for us, whether it’s clothing and toys, electronics and exercise equipment, commercial junk, and more!

Are looking for the best junk removal prices in Alexandria? We are able to offer you bargains that the franchises never could, and the reason is that we don’t have to pay franchise fees. You see, smaller businesses cost less to operate, and they’re able to pass the lower prices on to you. Additionally, we use volume-based pricing to ensure you pay a fair rate regardless of the size of the junk removal job. We’ll never add hidden fees to your bill, either!

Now that you know more about our junk removal in Alexandria, you might want to schedule an appointment. Well, we’re happy to hear from you! We make booking easy by offering two convenient methods to reach out to us. You may contact us online, or you may call us at 410-972-6225. We hope to speak to you soon!

How It Works

  1. Junk removal in Alexandria begins with our timely arrival. Don’t worry about us showing up late—we’ll always be there on time during the 2-hour arrival window.
  2. We will need to estimate the volume of your junk to give you an upfront quote, so let us review your unwanted items. Then, accept our quote so we can get started.
  3. Next, we’ll haul everything you wanted to get rid of to our truck. At this point, you are free to watch TV, do some household chores, or even just watch us work.
  4. Finally, we’ll ask for our payment, then leave so we can dispose of the junk. Now your property is clean, clutter-free, and ready to be enjoyed once more!

Furniture Removal in Alexandria, VA

Think about it, and you’ll quickly realize that furniture is all over Alexandria. Our homes have sofas, recliners, and beds. Restaurants have tables and chairs. Offices have desks and cabinets. The list goes on and on, but the point is, there’s furniture everywhere, which means it’s one of the items we encounter the most at Junk Force. Many customers call us because they can’t remove furniture on their own. That’s because lots of furniture is heavy and can’t be hauled alone. This is exactly why we always bring a crew of multiple people to our junk removal appointments. That way, if we need to do some furniture removal, it’s no problem for us. We simply have an employee lift the furniture item on either side, then carefully guide it through your doorways and halls until it’s off the property.

What happens to that furniture when we’re done with it? Well, if it’s still in good condition, we wouldn’t want to just dump it in the landfill. Any gently used furniture will be donated to organizations like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to help reduce waste.

About Us

Junk Force is the go-to place for junk removal services in Annapolis and the DC Metro! We are a veteran-owned company that is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to junk removal. Our crew works fast to remove any and all clutter from your property, and what’s more, they do it for a fantastic price. We also want you to feel welcome during your appointment, which is why we’ll serve you with kindness and smiles. Junk removal in Alexandria doesn’t have to be a headache when you choose us!

What Our Customers Have To SAy

  • review rating

    Anthony, Mike, and Trevor were professional, personable, and hard workers. They removed and cleaned up our junk in no time, and gave us a better price than their competitors. We’ll be calling the Junk Force team any time we need removal or hauling services in the future. Thanks from The Hills.

    Bill Hill
  • review rating

    I was able to schedule my appointment from my phone and they had an opening the next business day. They came early, explained the fees, and removed an entire truck load of junk in less than 30 minutes. They were great!

    Langley Sears
  • review rating

    Prompt, friendly service at a reasonable price.

    Kimberly Morris
  • review rating

    This was an excellent experience from start to finish. A friendly person answers the phone, provides info and makes your appointment. I called back a week later with more questions, got a recording to leave a message, which was returned promptly and my questions were answered. The day of my junk removal, three extremely nice, professional men arrived on time surveyed my job and gave me options based on the large amount of items I had to be hauled away. It was an extremely hot day, yet Trevor, Anthony and Mike worked tirelessly and efficiently. Asked me to double check to make sure they didn’t miss anything. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I would hire Junk Force again without question and highly recommend them to my family and friends.

    Cynthia Smith
  • review rating

    The guys where amazing. Cleared out what I needed from my garage quick and easy!

    Adam Shuster
  • review rating

    Great experience! Scheduling was prompt and courteous, providing me all pricing info over the phone. The guys gave me a courtesy call when they were 30 minutes out and arrived on time. Once at my home, the guys were pleasant and quick to finish the removal of the items. They were mindful of my home and completed removal of large items with no damage. Would highly recommend. Thankful I got stood up by College Hunks and found Junk Force instead! Thank you!!

    Chandra Winters


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