The Cost Of Junk Removal In Maryland

The cost of junk removal in Maryland is entirely dependent on the size of the load that you need to be removed. Prices for junk removal in Maryland range from a minimum of $126 for extremely small loads to around $700 for full size loads

In this article we will break down just exactly how large our load sizes are and what you can expect to pay based on your hauling needs!

Graphical representation of Junk Hauling Cost

How Much Will Junk Hauling Cost Me In Maryland?

The cost of junk removal in Maryland, based on the provided information, is structured around the volume of junk to be removed, measured in cubic yards. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

Minimum Charge:

This is the least amount you’ll pay for any junk removal service, set at $126. This fee applies regardless of how small the amount of junk is, as long as it falls below the thresholds of the structured volume pricing.

1/4 Load (4.5 Cubic Yard)

 For a quarter load, which is equivalent to 4.5 cubic yards of junk, the cost is $252. This is equivalent to about 1.25 pickup trucks with full beds, meaning that this option is suitable for room cleanouts or when you have a relatively small amount of waste material. 

1/2 Load (9 Cubic Yard)

A half load amounts to 9 cubic yards of junk and is priced at $389. A half load of junk is similar to 2.75 pickup trucks, making this a level for medium-sized removal needs, such as larger household cleanouts or small renovations.

3/4 Load (13.5 Cubic Yard)

For three-quarters of a truckload, or 13.5 cubic yards of junk, the cost is $554. This tier is aimed at significant removal projects that don’t quite fill an entire truck. Imagine 4 pickup trucks with full beds, that is quite a lot of junk!

Full Truck (18 Cubic Yard)

The cost for a full truckload (equivalent to 5 full pickup trucks), which can accommodate up to 18 cubic yards of junk, is $695. This is the most cost-effective option for large-scale cleanouts, such as estate cleanouts or major home renovation projects.

These prices directly correlate with the volume of junk to be removed, offering a range of options based on the size of your cleanout or removal project. The more junk you need to remove, the higher the cost, with pricing tiers designed to accommodate everything from minimal junk removal needs to full-scale cleanouts.

Do You Charge Differently For Different Items?

No, Junk Force operates on a straightforward pricing model that focuses solely on the volume of items you need removed, rather than differentiating between types of items. This means that the cost of their junk removal services is determined entirely by how much space your junk occupies in their truck, quantified in terms of load sizes (e.g., 1/4 load, 1/2 load, 3/4 load, full truckload).

Here’s how this benefits you:

Simplicity: You don’t need to worry about the specific nature or variety of items you’re disposing of. Whether you’re getting rid of old furniture, electronic waste, yard debris, or mixed trash, the price is not affected by the diversity or type of items. This makes it easier to estimate your costs without having to itemize or categorize your junk.

Fair Pricing: Since the pricing is based solely on the amount of space your junk occupies, it’s a fair system that reflects the actual volume of removal service provided. You won’t be charged extra for heavy items like you might with some services that factor in weight or item type, which can lead to higher costs.

Transparency: With volume-based pricing, it’s clear and transparent how the charges are calculated. There are no hidden fees for specific items, which can often be a concern with services that charge based on item type or require special disposal methods.

Efficiency: This pricing model encourages efficiency in the removal process. Since the focus is on filling up a portion of the truck to the agreed-upon load size, both the customer and Junk Force can work together efficiently to maximize the space used, ensuring a cost-effective and environmentally friendly service.

In summary, Junk Force’s approach to pricing means that your cost is predictable and straightforward, based entirely on how much space your junk takes up in their truck. This model ensures transparency, fairness, and simplicity, making it easy for you to plan your junk removal without worrying about the specifics of what you’re disposing of.

Types Of Waste Junk Force Takes

What Types Of Items Do You Take?

Junk Force offers a comprehensive range of junk removal services tailored to accommodate a wide variety of needs, from individual item removal to complete cleanouts for residential and commercial spaces. Here’s an overview of what we do and don’t take to help you understand their services better:

Items Junk Force Takes:

  • Appliance Removal: Includes washers, dryers, fridges, ranges, and more.
  • Cleanouts: Services for homes, basements, commercial properties, estates, hoarder situations, apartments, and more.
  • Furniture Removal: Couches, mattresses, beds, office chairs, desks, wood furniture, wardrobes, and armoires.
  • Outdoor Items: Hot tubs, sheds, deck demolition, grills, play equipment.
  • Electronics: TVs, electronics.
  • Miscellaneous: Tires, clothing, toys, construction debris, yard waste, branches, brush, old furniture, treadmills, weights, household junk, and more.

Junk Force is equipped to handle a vast array of items, essentially covering anything from household junk and electronic waste to larger items like furniture and appliances. Our services extend to various cleanout needs, whether it’s clearing out a single item or managing the disposal of multiple items during a large-scale cleanout project.

Items Junk Force Doesn’t Accept:

  • Hazardous Materials: Fuels, car fluids, herbicides, pesticides, biohazard items, hazardous or dangerous items, bleach, cleaners, pressurized containers, and paint.
  • Excessively Large Items: Anything too massive to lift safely.

The key exclusion criteria revolve around safety and regulatory compliance. Junk Force does not remove items that are classified as hazardous or pose significant health and safety risks. 

This includes materials that require specialized disposal methods to prevent harm to the environment or human health. Additionally, items that are too large or heavy to be moved safely are not accepted, as they could pose risks to the staff or property during the removal process.


Junk Force simplifies the junk removal process by charging based on the volume of junk you need removed, not the type of items. Whether you’re clearing out a basement, removing old furniture, or disposing of electronics, your cost is determined by how much space your items occupy in their truck. This volume-based pricing model means no extra fees for specific items, ensuring a straightforward and fair charge for their services. With Junk Force, you get a clear, upfront understanding of your removal costs, enabling you to budget effectively for your cleanout projects without worrying about hidden fees or item-specific charges.